Holiday & Misc. Cakes Holiday & Misc. Cakes White Chocolate Valentine The roses, border, and cake covering are all hand-crafted with white chocolate. 52830357 Valentine Box of Chocolates Strawberry cake iced with buttercream icing overlayed with white chocolate. Candies are flavored cake balls covered in chocolate. Box top is white chocolate adorned with a chocolate/gumpaste bow. 52830358 Ghost for Rachel This birthday girl wanted a ghost themed Birthday cake. <BR>It is 100% decorated in buttercream. 52830359 The pumpkins and ghost are hand-made from white chocolate. <BR>The rest is decorated in buttercream. 52830360 Patch O' Jack-O-Lanterns 100% decorated in buttercream. 52830361 Snowman Scene 100% decorated in buttercream. 52830362 Pair O' Penguins 100% decorated in buttercream. 52830363 Present for JOY Girls I iced this cake in buttercream and decorated it with buttercream pinecones and evergreen. The bow, ribbons, and tag are all fondant. 52830364 December Present This cake is iced with buttercream adorned with a Gumpaste bow and buttercream pinecones. 52830365 Christmas Tree 2 100% decorated in buttercream. 52830366 Christmas Tree 1 100% decorated in buttercream. 52830367 Walk to Emmaus #99 This is not a Birthday cake but this was the best folder to put it in. The cake is a full sheet cake (18 x 24) 1/2 white, 1/2 chocolate. It it decorated in Buttercream icing. 53769979