Wedding Cakes Wedding Cakes White Chocolate Wedding This cake is covered in white chocolate fondant. All roses and drapes are handmade from white chocolate. 52857334 Mini White Chocolate Wedding The bride wanted a very small version of their wedding cake on the table next to the cake. This is also decorated in white chocolate. 52857335 Blue and Brown Damask This cake is covered with white chocolate tinted blue. The Damask pattern was directly hand-piped onto the cake with Royal Icing. The Damask pattern was designed by the bride for her wedding invitations and such. 52857336 Cornelli Lace & Roses The swags and roses are all made from Royal Icing. The doves are plastic and the rest is all buttercream. 52857337 2-tier Cornelli Lace Silk roses cascade this buttercream iced cake. 52857338 Purple Roses The buttercream roses amazingly clung to the cake on that humid wedding day. The rest of the cake is also decorated in buttercream. 52857339 Hydrangeas & Ribbons The icing looks like fondant but it's actually buttercream. The ribbons and bows are all fondant. The hydrangea and petals are fresh. 52857340 Hydrangeas & Bows Covered in fondant ribbons and bows, this white buttercream frosted cake is adorned with silk hydrangea flowers. 52857341 Katherine Fresh roses and rose petals adorn this cake. The icing roses were made of buttercream. 52857342 Red Roses & Swirls Silk flowers adorn this buttercream decorated cake. 52857343 Ribbons & Daisies Each daisy was handcrafted from gumpaste. The bows and ribbons are fondant. The rest of the cake is decorated with buttercream icing. 52857344 Tower of Fresh Roses Fresh red roses and greenery adorn this white scroll buttercream iced cake. 52857345 Swirls & Pearls This cake is iced and decorated in buttercream icing. The fresh flowers were made by a local florist. 52857346 Vinni Danielle This was a his & hers cake. She likes straight lines and everything in it's place. He likes swirls and everything flowing. 52857347 Jill The bow is made from gumpaste and the rest of the cake is decorated with buttercream. 52857348 My Sister's Wedding Cake This was the second wedding cake I made. It was for my sister and her husband. I individually formed the beads from candy dough. The rest of the cake is decorated in buttercream. 52857349 52857350 52859287 Blue Gatlinburg 52859288 Medieval Castle for Jarren & Lanette This Medieval Castle wedding cake was designed by the groom. It is iced in Buttercream with gumpaste accents. The turret is gumpaste 55241401 Antiqued 55369480 Fall Roses Cake is covered in Buttercream icing trimmed in ribbon. Flowers are handmade with gumpaste. 55283248 Pink Roses & Black Ribbons 184459763 Dancing Forever 184459452 Chad and Tracy 187676966