Baby Shower Cakes Baby Shower Cakes Presents for Bryce The top cake is covered with White Chocolate tinted blue. The brown cake is covered with Chocolate Fondant. The bow, ribbons, and tag are all hand-crafted from a mixture of gumpaste and fondant. The colors match the baby's nursery. 52857550 Baby Animals These 3 cakes are 100% decorated with buttercream icing. <BR>The baby animals cake matches the shower invitations. 52857551 Rose Boquet Baby To incorporate lavendar at the customer's request I made a rose boquet for the baby to carry as well as lavendar hearts on the cake. 52857552 Wizzy Duck Novelty Sheet Cake The mom-to-be asked for bears and ABC blocks to be on the cake so I incorporated them into this design that the customer picked. It is 100% decorated in buttercream. 52857553 Baby Bebout Cardboard supports the baby's feet.<BR>Other than that it is decorated in buttercream. 52857554 Musical Bassinet Both parents of the baby-to-be are in musical careers, <BR>hence the musical theme. 52857555 Baby's Story Book I hand-crafted the angel/baby out of gumpaste. The "BABY" letters and half-circles are fondant. The flowers are Royal Icing and the blocks and rattles are plastic. 52857556 2-tier Carriage Baby Shower The cake layers are decorated in buttercream. <BR>The carriage is fondant decorated with Royal Icing. 52857557 Gum Paste Carriage Fondant carriage decorated with Royal Icing. 52857558 Rocking Horse Sheet Cake 100% decorated in buttercream. <BR>The horse matches the shower decorations. 52857559 ABC Baby Block for Cameron This was actually a "smash cake" for a 1st Birthday party but I put it in the Baby Shower category. 52857560 Baby Shower Present Carrot cake iced with buttercream icing adorned with polka dot gumpaste bow. 52857561 Presents for Braydon Cakes are iced in Buttercream and Chocolate Buttercream Icing. Bows, ribbons, and tag are all handmade with Gumpaste. 53772314 Monkeys, Squares and Cirlcles Cake is two halves of a 12 x 18 stacked, iced with Buttercream Icing. Monkey, squares and circles are made from fondant. The green color is a mixture of Americolor Brand Avacado Green and Electric Green. The blue is a mixture of Americolor Brand Royal Blue and a touch of Sky Blue). 190106670