Cupcakes Cupcakes Assorted Flower Cupcakes Not long after I began making cakes my Mother-in-Law handed me a picture of these cupcakes to make for a bridal shower. I made my best guess at which tips to use and amazinly it worked. I have made these many times since then. 52857563 Ballerina Bear Cupcake Cake This is a cupcake cake that I made for my daughter to take to school for her birthday. The cupcakes are 100% decorated in buttercream.. 52857562 Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Cupcake Cake I made this cupcake cake for my daughter's class to celebrate "Read Across America" week. The cupcakes are 100% decorated in buttercream. 52857564 Strawberry Shortcake Hat Cupcakes The birthday girl wanted cupcakes made into a Strawberry Shortcake hat. The ribbon and bow are made from fondant. 52857565 Spa-Tacular Birthday I made this cake for my daughter's Spa Slumber Party Birthday. 81155316